What to Expect During an Eye Exam

The eyes are arguably the most important of our five senses, enabling us to take in the world around us. It stands to reason, then, that regular visits to the eye doctor are just as important as your annual physical and dental exams. Regular eye exams can help identify eye diseases in the early stages, when the condition is most treatable.

At the offices of Retina Group of Washington – Maryland – Bowie, our team of highly-skilled professionals is well equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, helping to maintain the best possible vision for each of our patients.

During the exam, the eye doctor will test for visual acuity (sharpness), depth perception, eye alignment, and eye movement. Eye drops are used to dilate the eyes’ pupils to make them larger, in order to see inside and check for signs of health problems. The doctor may even spot other conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, sometimes before your primary care doctor does.

Guidelines for eye exams

In general, these are the recommended eye exam guidelines for people without symptoms or special risk factors:
• Ages 20-39: A complete eye exam is recommended every 2-3 years, but individuals should consult with their doctor about the exam frequency that’s right for them.
• Ages 40-59: Every 2 years
• Age 60 and older: Every year
• Children: Vision screening for all children is recommended at least once between ages 3 and 5 years to check for “lazy eye” or risk factors for the disease.

People with special risks, such as diabetes, a previous eye trauma, surgery or a family history of glaucoma, may need an eye exam more frequently. Those with symptoms of eye trouble should see an eye doctor right away. With some simple precautions and regular care, good eye health can be maintained and enjoyed throughout life.

Committed to your vision health

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