Risk Factors for Floaters

Do you ever see spots in your line of vision? If so you may be experiencing floaters. At the office of Retina Group of Washington – Maryland – Bowie, we can help!

Sometimes described as dark shapes or spots, flecks, lines, or strings, floaters are small shadows that are often caused by age-related changes to the eye. These are a normal part of some people’s vision and may just be annoying, but not require treatment. However, if you don’t normally have floaters or if you start to see an increasing amount in your line of sight, it’s important to have your eyes checked.

Floaters can appear like small, dark shapes. They may move when you move your eyes, and dart around. Usually you’ll see these when it is bright out or while looking into the light. They are not commonly associated with any pain. But just because you don’t feel pain, doesn’t mean you should ignore these symptoms. While floaters can be harmless, they can also indicate a more serious problem. The only way to tell is to schedule an eye exam as soon as you notice anything unusual.

What Causes Floaters?
According to the Mayo Clinic, common causes include:
• Aging (those 50 and over are at an increased risk)
• Inflammation of the eye
• Bleeding in the eye
• Retinal tear
• Eye surgeries
• Eye medications

Be sure to tell your doctor if you are nearsighted, have had any previous eye trauma or eye surgery complications, have diabetes, or any eye inflammation. These are all risk factors for floaters. Remember, it’s important to report any changes in vision or eye-related concerns as soon as you notice them and to always have regular, annual eye exams.

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