Retinal Specialist in Bowie

Bowie retinal sugery

Retinal specialist in Bowie

Retinal specialist in Bowie

If you are having any type of retina problem that is causing you discomfort or concern, the eye practice to see is The Regina Group of Washington. Our eye care practice specializes in all retinal and macular problems. We provide all eye care services from comprehensive eye exams to complex retinal surgery. Our patients are all ages. If you are looking for a great retinal specialist in Bowie you will definitely want to be seen by one of the doctors in our highly respected practice, The Retina Group of Washington.

Our practice is divided up into small local offices so that when patients visit us they have the feeling of individualized, personal care that you get from a small eye care office. However, we do want you to be aware of the fact that The Retina Group of Washington is one of the most esteemed retinal and macular practices in the country. Our doctors have extensive expertise in many different sub-specialties of retinal disease and treatment. And, all of the doctors in our practice routinely consult with the other doctors in the practice. So when you come to our office you are actually getting the combined eye care expertise of all of the 26 doctors in our practice. Our retinal specialists in Bowie are Dr. William B. Phillips and Dr. Eric D. Weichel.

When you come to one of our offices of The Retina Group of Washington, you will see that we offer the most state-of-the-art diagnostic tests and services so that we are able to correctly evaluate and treat your retinal condition. Among the technologies that we use to evaluate your retinal condition are: digital fundus (retinal) photography; fluorescent angiography; digital high-speed angiography; optical coherence tomography; and B-scan ultrasonography. Our doctors are able to evaluate the health of your retina from a variety of different perspectives to ensure a complete and thorough exam and accurate diagnosis. Our practice doctors are also trained in the latest in-office procedures to successfully treat a wide variety of retinal conditions. Treatments that we may provide for retinal problems include treatment with: Avastin, Lucentis or Macugen; laser photocoagulation and photodynamic therapy; cryotherapy; and steroid injections. Our surgeons also have privileges in all major area hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers where retinal procedures are routinely performed. If you need retinal surgery, it will conveniently performed in a location convenient to you. If you would like to have our retinal specialist in Bowie evaluate your individual eye problem, contact us for an appointment.

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