Eye Surgeon in Edgewater

Eye surgery office in Edgewater

We understand why the idea of retina surgery would alarm you. Having a procedure performed on your eye is a serious matter. But thanks to the experience and expertise that we are known for here at The Retina Group of Washington, you can be assured that you’re in the best possible hands, with a state-of-the-art facility and modern techniques and equipment that maximize your comfort and your outcomes.

The most commons reasons for needing our eye surgeon in Edgewater are to either reattach a torn or detached retina, or to address the effects of diabetic retinopathy, such as when the retinal blood vessels rupture and possibly bleed into your eyes. You will come in for a consultation and examination, whereupon our eye surgeon in Edgewater will make a determination as to what type of treatment is most appropriate in your unique situation. Factors that are taken into consideration include how severe your circumstances are, your medical history, and if you have any other eye conditions or diseases that need to be taken into account. The surgical methods used here are performed so as to be as non-invasive as possible while still producing the needed results. Bear in mind that promptness is important. A torn or detached retina, if not repaired precisely and in a timely fashion, can lead to permanent vision loss. We mention this not to scare you, but rather to ensure that you are aware of the ramifications and implications of retinal concerns. Both heat and cold are typically put into use to achieve the desired outcomes.

Please arrange a convenient time to come in for an appointment with our eye surgeon in Edgewater. Get all your questions answered, and find out the ways that retina surgery can benefit you and support your eye health now and in the future.

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