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Eye doctor in Bowie

Eye doctor in Bowie

If you are looking for an expert retinal Doctor who can provide you with cryotherapy retinal care, you will definitely want to visit our esteemed practice, The Retina Group of Washington. We have several locations throughout Washington DC and the surrounding areas. We have a total of 26 top-notch ophthalmologists and eye surgeons on staff who are able to provide expert care for our patients who have eye problems. If you are interested in seeing our eye doctor in Bowie, you will be able to make an appointment by contacting The Retina Group of Washington in Bowie.

In our Bowie office, we are happy to have two top-notch ophthalmologists on staff. They are Dr. William B. Phillips and Dr. Eric D. Weichel. Our doctors are associated with all of the local hospitals and clinics where retinal surgery is performed. This way, if you need surgery performed at a location outside of our office, you will be able to be treated at a location that is convenient for you. One of the in-office procedures that we used to treat different retinal conditions is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is used by us to treat retinal problems; it is a local, low-temperature medical therapy. It is used to treat both patients who have problems with retinal tears and detachments. Our eye doctor in Bowie will be able to examine your particular situation, and let you know what treatment method will be most effective in your particular case.

Sometimes when a retina is torn, cryotherapy is used by our doctor to freeze the retina where the tear has occurred. This will help to keep the retina attached in its proper place. The CryoProbe is placed on the outside of the eye, over the area where the tear has occurred. As an in-office procedure, our doctor will use the probe to fuse the retina in place. You may notice a feeling of coldness in the treated area. Our doctor will then need to seal the tear. Cryotherapy can be performed on the front portion of the retina where it is not possible to use a laser. This treatment is provided after numbing drops have been administered, or an injection has been used to numb the area that is to be treated. Our doctor may also use an antibiotic medicine afterward, which is administered in gel form. Your vision will be temporarily blurry after this treatment, and will take about 10 days to heal. For more information regarding cryotherapy treatment for retinal tears, contact us today. Our eye doctor in Bowie will be happy to meet with you regarding any vision problems you may be having.

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