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Edgewater retina specialist

Edgewater retina specialist

There are many different parts of your eyes that work together to provide you with adequate eyesight. Issues or diseases that affect these parts of the eye can have a drastic effect on your vision if not treated properly or in a time sensitive manner. Problems that may affect the retina can quickly lead to vision damage or vision loss, but here at The Retina Group of Washington our Edgewater retina specialist is here to provide you with the comprehensive care and treatment you need to resolve any such concerns, including surgery or cryotherapy.

Retinal tears or instances of retinal detachment should be treated immediately and are considered emergencies. If your retina detaches, you may lose your eyesight, but it can be restored if attended to as soon as possible. Retinal tears are a bit different, but should still be treated promptly, and we here at The Retina Group of Washington can use cryotherapy to help. Cryotherapy involves placing a cold probe against the wall of your eye. This is used to help seal wounds or tears in the retina, sealing the retina like an adhesive against the wall of the eye much like laser therapy might, only it utilizes the power of cold instead of heat. Some of the more common symptoms pertaining to retinal tears and detachment include a sudden increase of floaters, the appearance of flashes, having shadows appear in your peripheral vision or seeing a gray curtain move across your field of vision, and any other strange vision impairments may be indicative of the condition as well.

The sooner you get help the more likely you may be able to preserve your eyesight and restore your eye health. If you have noticed any sudden changes in the quality of your vision, it is essential that you get care immediately. Our Edgewater retina specialist can help identify the problem and provide you with the proper care, whether it be cryotherapy or some other form of surgery. Call us here at The Retina Group of Washington to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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