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Avastin in Bowie

Avastin is an effective method for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in its wet form, a progressive eye disease that affects people age 40 and older, and is the most common cause of vision loss after 60. At The Retina Group of Washington, you know you’re in the best possible hands because we’re specialists in retinal disorders, of which AMD is one.

The macula is a the small part at the center of the retina. As it degenerates, your central vision begins to disappear, with the ultimate result being a complete loss of the middle field of vision, leaving you only the sides. Dry AMD accounts for roughly 90% of cases, leaving wet AMD at about 10%, for which our Bowie retina surgeon can utilize Avastin. This is a prescription medication that has become available after approval from the FDA. It’s been determined to be safe and effective for treatment of wet AMD, even though it was originally intended to be used for cancer treatment, and still is used for that purpose. The goal of Avastin is to slow the progress of AMD, since this is an eye disease that cannot be cured. How does it do this? By blocking the growth of abnormal blood vessels. Not everyone will be a good candidate for it, but the first step is, of course, diagnosis. It is highly recommended that anyone at least 40 years old have a yearly screening for AMD, since it does not have any noticeable symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. The use of Avastin may be combined with some lifestyle changes and vision-enhancing devices to allow you to retain the maximum vision possible.

Please schedule an appointment to come in and be examined by our Bowie retina surgeon to find out if Avastin is the right choice for your wet AMD.

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