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Bowie eye testing

Bowie eye testing

If you are looking for the very highest level of retina eye care, you can definitely do no better than to come in and be seen at our practice, The Retina Group of Washington. Our eye care practice has 26 retina experts on staff, with many specializing in diverse areas of retina care. Our practice has several smaller locations throughout the greater Washington DC area so that patients will be able to benefit from our services in a location that feels more personalized and is more locally accessible for them. When you need Bowie eye testing, you want to come in and see our expert doctors at The Retina Group of Washington.

At our eye care practice our doctors will often consult with one another on a specific case. This means that when you see one of our specialists you will in effect benefit from the collective knowledge of all of our 26 doctors. Our Bowie eye doctors are Dr. William B. Phillips and Dr. Eric D. Weichel. Our eye care practice is perhaps the most respected retina practice in the country. Our doctors also conduct cutting-edge research and administer a fellowship program to help with the training of future ophthalmologists. When you need Bowie eye testing, you will be able to receive the necessary testing at a facility that is convenient to your specific location.

At our group we offer a wide variety of the most modern diagnostic services, including Bowie eye testing. If you have a retinal or other eye problem you can feel confident that it will be accurately diagnosed and treated at our eye care practice. Among the many retinal tests that we perform for patients are: digital fundus (retinal) photography; fluorescein angiography; digital high-speed indocyanine Green angiography; optical coherence tomography (OCT) and V-scan ultrasonography. Based on the results of these tests our ophthalmologist will be able to provide you with the exact treatment that will best meet your eye care needs. Among the retinal treatments that we offer are: cryotherapy; steroid injections and Ozurdex in plan; laser photo coagulation and photodynamic therapy; and treatment with Avastin, Lucentis, and Macugen therapy. If you would like an appointment to see our retina expert, simply contact us today. You will definitely be able to feel confident that your eye care is in the very best hands.

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